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There are approximately 40% of the US population that is obese or that struggles with the issue of weight, resulting in over thousands of deaths every year. Obesity means having too much body fat. It is different from being overweight, which means weighing too much. The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water. Both terms mean that a person's weight is greater than what's considered healthy for his or her height. Obesity contributes to loss of work productivity and high medical costs.

Obesity does not happen overnight. It develops gradually over time, as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices, such as:

Eating large amounts of processed or fast food – that's high in fat and sugar

Drinking too much alcohol – alcohol contains a lot of calories, and people who drink heavily are often overweight

Eating out a lot – you may be tempted to also have a starter or dessert in a restaurant, and the food can be higher in fat and sugar

Eating larger portions than you need – you may be encouraged to eat too much if your friends or relatives are also eating large portions

Drinking too many sugary drinks – including soft drinks and fruit juice

Comfort eating – if you have low self-esteem or feel depressed, you may eat to make yourself feel better

Added to obesity is the explosion of fast food restaurants on almost every corner. Eating out? Try:

Try to keep your entire meal to 500 calories or less.

Opt for foods that are lower in fat and higher in protein and fiber.

Bring your own add-on items if you really want a health boost.

Keep your eye on portion size.

Focus on grilled or roasted lean meats.

Pay attention to the descriptions on the menu.

There are people who have genetic issues that cause them to be overweight. One of the first things to do too lose weight is to get educational healthy advice and exercise. There are many inexpensive gyms and good personal trainers nowadays. Most apartments have a complementary gym, USE IT!! Don't want to? Try walking, it's a great workout. You can easily begin by walking half a mile every day or even less.

Simple Smoothies are a great supplement!!

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