Product: Crystal Cote Silicone Butt Plug Black

<div id="" class="data item content"><div class="product attribute description"><div class="value">The Crystal Cote Probe offers a truly stylish, sensual experience, and it is here to entertain you with hours of sexy anal sex play, whether you are male or female. With its convenient suction cup base, you are assured of a smooth, relaxed, ride that will take you to new heights of sensual orgasmic ecstasy. Whether you are seeking to inject some additional fun into your usual routine with some heightened hedonism, or you&rsquo;re simply looking to add to your existing collection for that little bit of variety, then this anal probe is exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy somecomfortable playwith this superior probe featuring a stylish, dual cote finish. It measures in at an accepting 3.25 inches in length, and 1 inch in width, so you are getting an excellent beginner sex toy if this is your first adventure into the world of anal probes. The simple, tapered shape and small, pointed, tip allow you to insert with confidence and ease, and when in use, the suction cup base means that you can enjoy an incredible ride while relishing the ultimate in anal stimulation, completely hands free. Use the anal probe with one of our exciting water-based lubes for even more enjoyment. The Crystal Cote Probe is both sophisticated and resilient, and will keep on giving for a long time to come.</div></div></div>